Hidrae brings steaming eccentric roots music with powerful melodies and beautiful timbres. This five-headed band consists of: Hilke Bauweraerts on diatonic accordion & vocals, Marieke Van Ransbeeck on Flemish bagpipes & baroque musette, Malicorne Buysse on violin & cello, Thomas Hoste on electro-acoustic alto hurdy gurdy and Zjef Van Steenbergen on electric bass guitar.

On the one hand Hidrae stands for a big shot of adrenaline and on the other for a portion of blissful serotonin.

They mainly bring their own creations with constant attention to arrangements and polyphony.

Due to the refined arrangements and interwoven parts and tone colors, they not only make the dancer move, but also resonate within the listener.

In the spring of 2020 the first CD with the melodious title "Hydraulic" was released. The CD contains 11 compositions matured on stage and he receives great comments everywhere.